Collectors Bones

Halloween is just around the corner, and whether or not you like to celebrate with goblins and ghouls, everyone can appreciate bonus SB with Collector’s Bones!

By using Swagbucks Search (on your desktop, via the SwagButton or — for US members — on the mobile app), you will randomly earn points, called SB, for your searches! From now through Sunday Oct 11th, you could win these limited edition Collector’s Bills (wait, I mean Bones!) when you search online with Swagbucks!

This week only, they are giving out 5 different Collector’s Bones via search worth 4 SB, 6 SB, 10 SB, 15 SB, & 25 SB! When you collect all 5 limited edition bills, you ALSO receive a 20 SB bonus instantly!

Not a member yet? Don’t sweat, it’s free to sign up and start earning points / SB towards your first gift card!

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This month’s Search & Learn trivia has a haunted vibe! For those who haven’t participated in a Search & Learn, you’re missing out on fun trivia AND prizes of up to 50,000 SB (that’s a $500 USD gift card!). Here’s how it works:

Go to the Search & Learn landing page each day from October 5th – October 9th. (You can find it from the homepage, top left corner!)

Each day we will have 5 new questions related to one of the following categories:

— Hair-Raising Hooligans
— Reel Fear
— Ghoulish Garbs
— Frightful Fun
— Terrifying Tunes

You can either click on the category card OR search from your defaulted Swagbucks Search Engine to find the correct answer!

Once you find the answers to all 5 questions, click on the button that says Win 500 SB on the Search & Learn landing page and complete that day’s survey.

Each correct answer (up to 5 each day) will enter you into a drawing to win one of 5 prizes of $5*!

We’ll announce our 5 winners the following day at 10am PDT/1pm EDT (Friday’s winners will be announced the following Monday).

ALSO – when you use Swagbucks Search as your defaulted search engine during this promotion, you will be entered (up to 5 times per day) into a drawing to win the following prizes:

:: Grand Prize – $500*
:: Runner Up Prizes (20) – $5*

*All winnings will be paid out in SB. Winners of the Grand Prize and Runner Up Prizes will be announced on Friday, October 23rd.

The Search & Learn Halloween Hunt is this week only (ends Friday, Oct 9th), so start searching! Not a Swagbucks member yet? Sign up today to start earning SB! Who knew searching online could turn into your next gift card?

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Recently, one of my mom facebook groups sang the praises of Loblaw’s “Click and Connect” shopping program. I decided a post was in order to see if it could benefit readers. And as soon as I wrote this post I saw one coming to my very own Mississauga store!si

This program allows buyers to place an order online and pick it up from the store, all bagged and ready to go. The total charge for the service is between $3 and $5 which is amazing.

Savvy shoppers know that Loblaws is not the cheapest option for grocery shopping unless you count the clearance section. Affiliate stores such as No Frills and Superstore will definitely stretch shopping dollars further and also allow price matching. But are there times when this program is still  beneficial?

Loblaws Click and Collect Program: Who Will Benefit



1. Shoppers With a Participating Store

Let’s start with the most obvious point. This is a relatively new program, with 9 participating stores in Ontario. Hop over here for a list of locations to see if you are in the catchment area, which includes Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto and more. SIDENOTE: A new location is coming to Mississauga any day….

2. The “Can You Please Pick Up” Parent

How often do you ask your spouse to pop into a grocery store for just a few items. Chances are they may be less than thrilled to traipse through a grocery store at the end of a long day. But this Click and Collect option lets you place the order, someone else do the shopping, and your spouse do the quick pick up. Just specify the 2 hour window for pick up and call your spouse with your new & improved plan.

3. Parents of Nappers

Is there anything worse than having to wake up a child who has fallen asleep in their car seat just for a few groceries? With a little preplanning you can drive through and pick up your order while your little one stays asleep. Might be worth it for no other reason.

Parents drive 1322 miles a year getting their newborns to sleep so Mothercare has recruited 17month old Zara Kazim to give its car seat range an Average Baby Sleep rating - the amount of time it takes for a baby tp nod off whilst being driven

4. Impulse Shoppers

One mom confessed that her favourite reason to use Loblaws’ Click and Collect program was to avoid the Joe Fresh section. She laughed at herself for owning far too many tank tops from that tempting section. If you struggle with adding items to your cart that you had NO INTENTION of buying….you might consider this program. Unless, of course, you are equally tempted by shopping online….
browse by aisle You also have an option to browse by the No Name brand, which will save you money. And you can avoid the temptation of standing by the chocolate bar aisle when checking out.

5. A PC Plus Card Collector

Loblaws sends out a weekly email with customized offers for all PC Plus Card holders. If you don’t have a smart phone (like me), you have to print out the offers so you can track them in the store. If you use the Click and Collect feature, you can link it to your account and it will make recommendations for items that offer PC Plus bonus points.

6. Anyone in a Busy Season

Even as frugal shoppers, we all go through crazy seasons. Maybe because of illness, preparing for a big trip or a looming deadline. Sometimes we need to pay a bit extra to maintain our sanity and this might be a helpful solution.

7. Someone With Access to a Vehicle

This is not the program for you if you always use public transportation. The Click and Collect is more useful for shoppers who can do the picking up with their own transportation.

A Loblaws spokeperson said they are targeting a time-starved consumer who does not have time to gather their own groceries. And they do offer first-time promotions ranging from $10 – $20 off your first $30 order, making it a wise choice to try – at least once! And did we mention that they accept coupons? Now that is heart warming.

Would it be worth it to you to pay the fee of $3 (or $5 during peak hours) to have someone else do your shopping?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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Swagbucks Million

After 7 plus years, Swagbucks has reached a major milestone today – $100 million in gift cards and cash paid out to its members! To celebrate, they’re giving away tons of points (called SB) that you can use to get free gift cards or cash back!

1. The World of Millions Swag Code Extravaganza

6 Swag Codes

7 am – Answers
9 am – nCrave
11 am – Watch
1 pm – Shop
3 pm – Search
5 pm – Instagram

2. Earn 100 SB Get 100 SB – For the 30th only, you can earn up to 400 bonus SB combined through the following activities

Discover = Earn 100 SB get a 100 SB Swag Up
nCrave = Earn 125 SB get a 100 SB Swag Up
Answer (Surveys Only) = Earn 150 SB get a 100 Swag Up
Watch Mobile = Earn 200 SB get a 100 Swag Up

Not a Swagbucks member yet? With back-to-school shopping completed and the holidays quickly approaching, a lot of you are probably thinking about your gift shopping list. Swagbucks is a fun rewards program that gives consumers free gift cards and cash and helps families pay for the holidays simply by doing what they are already doing online like shopping, searching the web, watching videos and sharing their opinions. Here’s a video showing how fun and easy it can be…

There is no limit to how many points Swagbucks members can earn and they never expire. Points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift cards for hundreds of retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and more. Sign up today and if you earn 300 SB today, you’ll get an additional 300 SB bonus on top of everything else! It’s simple, it’s free and it works. Click here to join today!

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Having a newborn baby is exhilarating. And exhausting. It is a complex stage – longing to savour every minute while battling sleep deprivation and hormonal changes. With each of my children’s births, I became better at knowing what I needed to help me during the newborn stage. Here are a few suggestions to make sure you receive the help you need too.

5 Tips for Receiving Help After Baby Arrives

help with baby

Ditch the Cape

I’m not sure why we mom feel that we have to be superheroes. But one of the most important things to do in those early days is to be kind to ourselves. The first stage is to acknowledge that the exhilarating stage of having a newborn is also exhausting. We don’t have to pretend that broken sleep and transitions are easy and we don’t need to do it on our own. The physical and emotional intensity of this stage can be lessened if we let others help.

Ask Directly

Think about your circle of family and friends. How would they most enjoy contributing to this new little life in your home? Try to make your requests based on what their gifts are. Would they like to hold the baby while you have a shower or nap? Would they be able to run errands or pick up groceries?

Be a Team

The early days are great opportunities for you and your partner to parent together. My husband became an expert swaddler in the hospital, while my attempts were rather pathetic. He would also watch our babies in the evening so I could have an uninterrupted block of sleep before midnight.

Make Yes Your Quick Response

Before I had my third child, another mom gave me great advice. She said, “When people ask when they can do to help, let them help. ” So often we try to do things ourselves (but remember we’ve already hung up that cape!). Rather than turn down offers of assistance, be grateful that friends care and accept their kindness. Simple tasks like picking up diapers can be overwhelming with a newborn, yet so simple for others.

Get Creative

If you do not have a large support system readily available, you might need to get creative to help with the newborn transition. If possible, budget and organize these items in advance.

  • Prepare meals in advance. A well-stocked freezer is a mom’s best friend. Try:
    10 Slow Cooker Soup Recipes
    25 Delicious Freezer-Friendly Meals
  • Pay for a cleaning service to come a few times in the early months
  • Order groceries online (try Loblaws’ new Click and Collect program)
  • Join a mom’s facebook group for your city – best way to find quality, frugal ideas for hiring help
  • Hire a mother’s helper – there are some fabulous teenagers who can entertain older children, take the baby for a stroller ride or do odd jobs. Hire someone like this before the baby arrives so you can train her on how to do particular tasks.

Many of us in North America do not have the benefit of having extended family living with us or even close by. This makes the newborn stage uniquely challenging. But there are practical ways to prepare for baby’s arrival and make sure you get the help you need.

What is the most valuable way others have helped when you had a newborn? Please share.

By: Karen Gauvreau

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Swag Gems

Be a part of the Swag Gems Team Challenge today to win an exclusive 100 SB Swag Up Rebate! That’s 100 SB in your pocket when you redeem your next gift card from Swagbucks. So how exactly do you get your Swag Gems Swag Up?

Join the Team Challenge here and start earning SB in Shop, Search, Watch, Discover (Special Offers), Surveys (completed surveys AND DQs/OQs), and Swag Codes when you redeem them on the SwagButton extension. Not only do you earn SB towards your next gift card, but you contribute anywhere from 5 to 20 points to your team each time you earn!

When you contribute at least 400 points to your team, you’ll receive an exclusive Swag Up valued at 100 SB! Plus, at the end of the challenge, you’ll also receive bonus SB depending on how your team ranked: 1st place: 25 SB, 2nd place: 20 SB, 3rd place: 10 SB, 4th place: 5 SB. All bonuses will be paid by 2pm PDT/5pm EDT on September 21st, 2015.

The Swag Gems Team Challenge is going on now through Sunday, Sept 20th, so don’t miss out! Join today.

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Clothing for a family can quickly become an expensive line item in any budget. With four kids, I have to be a savvy shopper to keep our wardrobes stocked. I love picking up essentials from thrift stores, but even this can add up. Use these cost-saving tips to lower your bill significantly.

6 Ways to Shop Smart at Thrift Stores

thrift shopping

Shop Discount Days

Get informed about discount days or flash sales by signing up for emails from thrift stores.

Value Village has a 50% off day (usually a Monday), every few months. If you are part of their Super Savers Club you can get the same deal the day before (usually a Sunday).
super savers
Senior Discount Days:
10% off every day at Talize
10% off every day at Salvation Army Thrift Stores.
10% off every Tuesday at Value Village
20% off every Monday at Goodwill
Student Discount Days:
10% off every day at Talize
talize student

Get Coupons Off Your Purchases

We would be remiss at to not mention that you can receive coupons from thrift stores. Stretch your thrifty dollars even further by scooping up coupons from any of these stores.

Salvation Army emails coupons for $10 off a $25 purchase and gives them when you make a donation. Also, check this website for extra coupons such as “Buy 5 Items for Children and Get 50% Off.”

Value Village has a Smart Saver program where you collect stamps and receive an increasing percentage off, depending on how many stamps you have.

Talize also offers $5 coupons for any donation – their website does not specify a minimum purchase required.

Make a List

Create an inventory before entering the thrift store. List items that you know you will need for the next season:

For example, I need to buy the following items on my next run to the thrift store:
3 pairs of pants size 4-5
1 sweatshirt size 5
2 dress shirts size 10-12
It may take a few trips to find great quality items in these sizes, but it helps keep my shopping trip focused.

Know Good Value

Knowing your products will help you spot good value. Items like t-shirts are often overpriced at second hand stores and can be found cheaper brand new. Other items like dress shirts and jeans can be a great deal. Also search for favourite brands to ensure items will wash and wear well. Shopping by brand helps Even style-conscious teenagers can get hooked on thrift shopping when they learn to spot name brand items for cheap.

Stray from Your List

There may also be times when it is worth it to pick up items that are not on the list. This would include items that are in amazing condition, at the right price that you will use in the fairly near future.

I have a storage system in my basement with Rubbermaid containers labelled by size. I wash my thrift shop finds and tuck them into the bin for a bit further down the road.

Shop Off-Season

Don’t be caught paying full-price for in-season items so be sure you are shopping 4-6 months ahead. For example, you will get great deals on bathing suits in the winter time – just buy up a few sizes. (for the kids, of course!) Consignment stores are especially known for clearing out off-season items to make room for new ones. This can be the best way to get 99 cent items for good quality items.

Buying items at thrift stores can tremendously reduce your clothing budget. And turning around and donating them (or selling them) to others is a budget-friendly way to live.

What are your favourite tips for shopping at thrift stores?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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Three for All is back at Swagbucks, but with a twist! That’s right, when you refer a friend to join Swagbucks between Tues, 9/8 and Wed, 9/30, and they earn 300 SB, they will get an additional 300 SB bonus AND YOU will also get a 300 SB bonus for referring them. The referred member must earn the 300 SB by Wed, 9/30 to get the bonus.

PLUS: we’re giving away 10,000 SB each to 5 lucky newly referred members AND 5 lucky members who invite a friend, so start spreading the word about getting gift cards and putting cash back in your pocket with Swagbucks!

Some of you may ask, OK, but how can I earn 300 SB by the end of the month? Well here’s one guide to help you earn 300 SB in just 1 week:

  • Daily Poll: 1 SB per day = 7 SB
  • Daily Crave (US & Canada only): 1SB per day = 7 SB
  • 1 Survey = approx. 50 SB (payout and availabilty varies)
  • SBTV app (US, Canada, UK): up to 36 SB per day = 252 SB

There are plenty of other ways to earn SB, like watching videos on a desktop/laptop, trying out Special Offers & deals, or even using a search engine and browsing new content online! All these points, called SB, can be redeemed for gift cards from hundreds of major retailers! So tell your friends and family, and make this Three for All the best one yet! Not a member? Grab your 300 SB bonus and sign up now.

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Closets can take on a life of their own – stuffed with random objects, clothes no one bothered to hang up and offering a great hiding place for room tidy ups. I try to organize our closets at least twice a year, especially in the kids’ rooms. This round up of organizing tips makes me want to start this very afternoon. Care to join me?

7 Clever Tips for Organizing Closets

how to organize closet

DIY No-slip Hangers

no slip hangers
Keep your sanity by creating these simple hangers. Simple pipe cleaners will prevent neatly-ironed clothing from falling to a wrinkly demise. Great project that kids could help with as well.

Clothespins Revisited

closet tights
The inventor of the clothespin deserves accolades and honour. So does the person who had this brilliant idea for hanging up tights. Glue clothes pins to the back of the closet door and turn a stuffed drawer into organized chaos.

Tidy Tank Tops

closet tank top holder
This space saving idea makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it. Turn a simple tie holder into a tank top hanger. Definitely the first one I am going to implement.

Brilliant Double Hangers

Repurpose the tabs from pop cans to create these double hangers. Just slip them over the hook of the top hanger, and loop the bottom hanger through the hole. Perfect way to help kids keep outfits together in their closets.

Repurpose Items

closet belts
Paper towel holders can easily become holders for belts or hair scrunchies. Magazine holders can store small purses in a way that keeps them tidy and in full view. When evaluating your closets’ hot spots, look for items you already have to use as innovative storage.

Stack Bracelets

closet bracelets
If you have a lot of jewellery, this is a great solution. Turn pop bottles into a simple bracelet holder. You can tuck them neatly into a closet or leave them on display.

Go Vertical

please save
Sometimes closets have awkward little spaces that don’t seem to lend themselves to much storage. I love how this blogger turned a narrow wall into storage with wall-mounted baskets.

In case you need one more inspiration to get organizing those closets, what about this clever quote by Amy Fine Collins?
Opening up your closet

should be like arriving at a really good party

where everyone you see is someone you like.

Maybe before trying these organizing hacks, we’ll start by getting rid of items we don’t love?

What are you favourite closet organizing tips?

By: Karen Gauvreau

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Swag Racer

Swagbucks is back with a brand new Team Challenge: Swag Racers! Whether you’re more of a Swagstangs, SB Cobras, Survettes, or GTOffers, we’ve got the Swag Racer team for you!

Join a team today, and when you earn SB in Surveys, Search, Special Offers, Referral, Swagstakes, on the SBTV mobile app, or via Swag Codes through the Swag Button, you’ll also contribute points for your
team! All members who participate and contribute at least 200 points to their team’s total will receive an exclusive Swag Up valued at a 50 SB rebate on their next Gift Card Purchase. But that’s not all…

Each team, depending on which place you come will also receive a bonus!

1st place: 25 SB
2nd place: 20 SB
3rd place: 15 SB
4th place: 10 SB

The Swag Racer Team Challenge ends at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT on September 4th.
All bonuses will be paid by 2pm PDT/5pm EDT on September 4th, 2015.

You will receive your Swag Up on September 14th and will expire on October 14th.

Sign up here!

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